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Topic: GS compatible with pulsar/scope?

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    GS compatible with pulsar/scope?

    This morning I received an email from a music store saying that GS is now 100% compatible with Creamware Pulsar/Scope. Can anybody verify this?

    Best wishes, Jan

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    Re: GS compatible with pulsar/scope?

    I heard the same thing.

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    Re: GS compatible with pulsar/scope?

    creamware released the 1.3 software, which includes a better direct X driver with apprx. 10 ms latency, not bad. Giga runs in stereo mode, but timing togeter with logic is still problematic. But much better then before.

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    Re: GS compatible with pulsar/scope?

    I have a PULSAR. Upgrate 1.3 just came out. They didn\'t mention anything about any improvements with GS. I\'m not surprised as they just made their own DSP sampler SB 404. Some people already got it. i don\'t know much about it but it looks amaizing check it at creamware.com or .de

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