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Topic: Another newbie question by me!

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    Another newbie question by me!

    Firstly can I say how great the last response was, so quick!

    Anyway, another question which im not sure about..

    Im using GPO on Receptor, and when I change the sustain pedal to act as sustain on piano, and midi switch on string patches, whatever it's set at is universal for all the patches. Is there a way round this? Id like the legato for strings andd obviously sustain for piano, but I have no idea if i can do this, as it mentions the sustain operation has to be the same in all instances? But im not sure at all really Still very impressed though!


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    Re: Another newbie question by me!

    OK, this was figured out a while ago. I'll try to remember exactly how it went.

    In your VST directory somewhere in there is a PersonalOrchestraVST.dll or something like that. What you do is you copy this file and paste it in the same folder as the other PersonalOrchestraVST, but name it with a "2" at the end or something. You use PersonalOrchestraVST for legato and PersonalOrchestraVST2 for sustain.

    I'm just working off of my memory when I'm home sick, so please make corrections as I'm not totally sure this is accurate.


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