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Topic: DELTA 10/10 & Gigasampler !!!!!!

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    DELTA 10/10 & Gigasampler !!!!!!

    Hi, I would like to know if the Midiman\'s DELTA 10/10 soundcard are compatible with Gigasampler ?
    Anyone using it ?


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    Re: DELTA 10/10 & Gigasampler !!!!!!

    Just don\'t ask tech support. There response is basicaly \"To Bad\". After 3 e-mails on the Delta1010 issue, there response was \"Its not on the list\". ??? Should I return Giga ???

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    Re: DELTA 10/10 & Gigasampler !!!!!!

    The Delta series seems to have a DirectX driver, which would work with GS, but only gives a single stereo output. It’s up to the hardware manufacturers to incorporate the GS interface in their drivers to allow for multi outs. You should be emailing Midiman.

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    Re: DELTA 10/10 & Gigasampler !!!!!!

    I emailed MIDIMAN a week ago...so far any answer....

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