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Topic: has gpo changed?

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    has gpo changed?

    hello all

    I posted a looong time ago inquiring about garritan personal orchestra & only now have I found myself the time to purchase it...

    I have noticed however that the GPO package appeas to have changed, & that it no longer comes with cubasis vst? Is this correct? If so is there a way to buy the older version?

    Since all I have is a crummy notation program & a number of midis that I want to turn into GPO MP3's I have no other software... does this mean I have to buy something else aswell as GPO to use it such as a sequencer? Can this newer version be used straight out of the box?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm very keen to jump on the GPO bandwagon & share some of my music. I have never used synth software/sequencers etc before so I am anticipating a steep learning curve. Is there anything else I should know before taking the plunge?

    Cheers all


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    Re: has gpo changed?

    I don't know what all is in the current GPO, but the GPO package being offered over at www.geniesoft.com still has Overture 3 SE (a very useable notation program) included in the package. If you haven't yet bought GPO, I'd check with them first to see what all is included.

    With that said, GPO is just the "instrument", so you'll need some kind of notation program or sequencer to use it.

    If your budget is limited, then take a look at Cakewalk Home Studio (Sonar's "little brother"). It goes for about $160 at places like Musicians Friend. If you can spend more, look at the full Sonar.

    Also look at the stuff at www.geniesoft.com for notation software. Overture 4 is wonderful, but it looks like they've made some good upgrades to Score Writer also. There are demo versions available for download.

    Many folks use both a notation program and a sequencer...if you're a "notes person" it can be easier to write in the notation program and then pull a midi over into the sequencer for editing and audio effects.

    And that's just the PC choices...if you're on a Mac then the options are somewhat different (and unknown to me).

    That's just my $0.02 worth...there are many here who swear by Finale, Cubase, or Sibelius as well (so I'll probably ignite a flame war here).

    what are you using for a soundcard?


    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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    Re: has gpo changed?

    thank you for your reply

    I guess where my confusion has come from is looking at the previous edition of GPO

    it includes:

    native instrument kontakt player
    genie soft overture SE notation program
    steinberg cubasis vst
    ambience reverb

    all for 249

    the current edition retails for 199, & appears to be minus cubasis vst

    my old computer has the excellent soundblaster live which actually has some great default sondfonts... my current computer has the MS wavetable synth

    250 fits my budget absolutely perfectly, but I don't think I could afford another 160 on top of 199 which is why I'm wondering whether it is possible to get the old edition. I may be wrong & the current edition may well include cubasis vst

    anyway thanks for your help!

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    Re: has gpo changed?

    I'm sure someone (Gary or Tom) will be along shortly to clarify what is in the current offering of GPO.

    By the way, using GPO Studio you can get by perfectly well with Overure 3 SE and a SoundBlaster LIVE for a long time (you can record to WAV audio from GPO Studio). I did that for about a year before biting the bullet and getting Cakewalk Home Studio (and later Sonar).

    Definitely check with Gary/Tom and also the folks at www.geniesoft.com so you know for sure what you are getting before you order.

    good luck!

    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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    Re: has gpo changed?

    GPO Version 2 (the current version) doesn't include Cubasis, Overture SE or the Ambience reverb. It is just the GPO library with the Kontakt player. List price is $199.


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    Re: has gpo changed?

    oh really? diddums...

    long story short I actually use a guitar tablature program to notate with (I know, I know lol) since I have got to a point where I can work quickly & get good results with it

    I actually live in Australia where the old gpo retailed at about $400au... does anyone know if v.1 is still available in Australia? Since I have absolutely no other software except a means to notate I think this version would have suited me better. I guess I'll find out what is available on friday when I visit my local music shop.

    I know garry has fielded my n00b questions before so obviously he will be able to fill me in with what I need & what I don't. I guess where I stand now is that I have a notation program using general MIDI, & would like to use the gpo samples to create realistic sounding mp3s where I can control dynamics such as staccato & attack with just a regular keyboard... what do I need for that?

    Cheers for all the help so far everybody, & apologies for my complete & utter ignorance on the program!


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    Re: has gpo changed?

    Hi echoes,

    GPO has changed and no need for apologies. The latest offering includes all the various updates to the library. The list price has also been lowered from $249 to $199.

    Cubasis is no longer offered or supported by Steinberg so it is no longer included. Overture SE is not included in the most recent version. We are looking at replacements for a notation and/or sequencer but as of this time none are bundled.

    There are good and affordable sequencers available such as Cakewalk Home Studio,Tracktion and others. Overture 4 also has sequencing capabilities. To render mp3s there are various affordable (and possibly shareware) programs to do this.

    Hope this helps.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: has gpo changed?


    If it is a consolation, Cubasis was not up to much. It did nothing that Computer Music Magazine's home studio package did not do, only that is free. Also it put a limit on how many MP3s you could make without paying for an upgrade. As long as you can turn your music into an audio file (which GPO studio does) you can use Switch, a free programme, to make as many MP3s as you wish. It is on this link. http://www.nch.com.au/switch/ Unless you propose to dabble in the shallows forever, my advice would be to jump on board Overture 4 as fast as possible. It is a fraction of the cost of other top level notation programmes, and does a lot more, including a fairly comprehensive sequencing/midi editing tool built in.

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    Re: has gpo changed?

    thank you all for your help

    oaky doak... I see there are some notation & sequencer suggestions. I realize this has effectively been answered but my question now is can I use this new GPO straight out of the box to create realistic mp3s from my MIDIs? Or should I seriously be considering a) better notation software & b) a basic sequencer? If so what would be the most affordable way to do this? In the mean time I will take a look into the suggestions made in this thread

    thanks for all the help so far

    cheers, tom

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    Re: has gpo changed?


    Do you have PC or Mac? processor speed? Ram?

    I would wholeheartily recommend Tracktion. (it runs on both PCs and Mac) It really has the most bang for the buck (at $199) and it is the LEAST demanding upon your CPU and Ram.
    you can find it here:


    It also has a lot of features the big expensive boys have.

    For notation - I use Finale currently, but am also looking at Overture 4 whenever it is released for Mac.

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