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Topic: FerFrumpmFathmBoogeigh!

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    for those of you who absolutely can't stand minimalism, you have been forwarned. (although this is not your average glass or reich)

    this is a piece for two pianos i wrote quite a few years ago while still in music school. It's a simple study in dual time signatures. it is in nine sections, each section's time signature being one eighth note longer than the last. the structure is as follows:
    the first player starts an ostinato in 7/8, the second player waits 6 measures and then plays a contrasting line in 5/4. 7 measures later, the time signatures meet and they finish the section in 7/8. next section, add an eighth note: 4/4, 11/8, 4/4, next section 9/8, 6/4, 9/8 and so on. with each new section it takes one more measure for the patterns to meet.
    as the sections progress, the tonality becomes more complicated (but still nice )

    GPO Piano Duo

    PS, a good friend of mine played it at his senior recital (minus the octave doublings) never the less impressive.

    hope you like it. Please comment.
    thanks for listening.

    PPS, the Title comes from a made up word by Bobby Mcferrin on his CD with Chick Corea the track is "autumn leaves"


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    Re: FerFrumpmFathmBoogeigh!


    This is excellent!

    Full of drive and energy -- and interest!

    Great job on this, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the piece. Minimalistic or otherwise, it's a fine composition, well conceived, well written, and well rendered.


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    Re: FerFrumpmFathmBoogeigh!

    Very cool, I like it.

    Welcome to the forum, and keep the stuff coming, I like your style.


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    Re: FerFrumpmFathmBoogeigh!

    thanks everyone, I really apreciate the comments and encouragement. I guess my style is going over better here than it did school.

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    Re: FerFrumpmFathmBoogeigh!

    enjoyed this I like such rhythmical shiftings. great!

    just the right dose somewhere between complexity and transparence.

    I could imagine this quite well as a jazz trio arrangement with additional upright bass & drums

    thanks for posting

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    Re: FerFrumpmFathmBoogeigh!

    Quote Originally Posted by GigaLove
    enjoyed this

    I could imagine this quite well as a jazz trio arrangement with additional upright bass & drums

    thanks for posting
    Thanks GLove, that's an interesting idea. whan i get my JABB i'll try it.

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    Re: FerFrumpmFathmBoogeigh!

    This was most interesting and very enjoyable. Great piece!
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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