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Topic: Giga, Gina and Yamaha SW1000xg

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    Giga, Gina and Yamaha SW1000xg

    This combo does not seem to work. Gina works fine alone, and so does the Y. tyhey just wont work together. Booting Giga results in an \"illegal operation\"message. Giga ver 1.6 Ech v1.52,nd the only driver from Y using Direct x V6.
    I\'ve done all Echo suggested. I really dont want to return Gina, but I wont give up the Y...Suggestions?? Earl

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    Re: Giga, Gina and Yamaha SW1000xg

    What are you using for a sequencer.
    Sounds like you have both cards enabled in your audio sequencer. When this happens it maybe that gigasampler and the audio sequencer are both trying to use the same card at the same time, not good if the output card is not multicleint.
    If you turn one card off in the audio sequencer then try installing the other card.
    it may help.

    I also get this when improper directx direct sound drivers are loaded.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Giga, Gina and Yamaha SW1000xg

    Disabled drivers in Cake9.No change. The Yamaha driver is a beta, and not multi-client.Their no nX driver is, which Means nothing re: this problem. Disabling the Y audio driver, starting Giga and replacing the Cake seq with a dummy also did not help. I have been told that WinX drivers prioritizes and that it is not possible to use more than one. Is this true in your experiance? Thanks, Earl

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    Re: Giga, Gina and Yamaha SW1000xg

    I have no problems with a Gina,sblive installed at the same time. I do know that
    one of our users KIA is more knowlegeable about the Yamaha SW1000xg he does state some problems to look for with the yamaha when using giga. do a search on our page for the Yamaha SW1000xg to find info on it. Hopefully KIA see\'s this topic also and can help.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Giga, Gina and Yamaha SW1000xg

    Thank You. I will do that.

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