When mixing my upcoming album, I am considering using sonar, as my co-producer is providing me with 24 bit wav's of everything for editing in sonar, exported from the Roland VS2480. What will make this decision for me is the quality that I can get from each potential monitoring scenario:

1) 2480 Analog out to studio monitors, all mixing done internally.
2) My Pentium IV, with plenty of horsepower for these purposes, using SPDIF to feed the monitors a digital signal from my Audiophile 2496.

Question: which is better? Are there any drawbacks to using the audiophile, in terms of quality? AFAIK, the Roland is without a doubt not offering any comprimise (not including my lack of familiarity with it, which is my problem-not it's), but I don't know if the audiophile will measure up. It seems obvious that I should use the digital outs if I use the computer at all, but is that enough?

Also, is there any risk of comprimising quality in the final result by rendering the final mixes to wav using PC? In theory, I'd imagine, both systems should provide comparable results, if monitored in the same way....but maybe there's a lack of high end-ed-ness about the software/computer approach that I'm not aware of.

Any advice appreciated.