I think I\'ve figured out the problem folks are having with Vortex 2 (Montego II, MX300) cards. I was told by tech support that Vortex 2 cards are incompatible with GS, but since KIA and others had information to the contrary, I went ahead and tried. Here\'s how I got mine to work:

I have an OEM Montego II, so I don\'t have a CD for it. I borrowed a friend\'s MX300 CD which contains driver version 2011 and I installed it. No luck. Gigasampler would not acknowledge the presence of the Monster Sound II wave out. Then a strange thing happened. I uninstalled the drivers but didn\'t reboot. For whatever reason, I tried loading up Gigasampler and there was the output, only it said Vortex, not Monster Sound II, but it was working nonetheless. I had seen somewhere in this forum that GS looks for cards that it knows, and Monster Sound II isn\'t one of them. So what I did was go into the two .inf files for the MX300 drivers and search and replace Monster Sound II with Vortex AU8830. After a reinstall, bingo. Life is good.

The oldest drivers I can find on Turtle Beach\'s site is 2015, and they don\'t seem to work (and the new ones, and all the available Aureal reference drivers don\'t work either). I\'m not too literate on this stuff, so I may be completely wrong, but I think that Aureal switched to WDM drivers at some point, making future drivers incompatible with GS, which is a shame.

To the guys at Nemesys: is there any way you could let Aureal know what\'s up? They\'re now in the retail sound card business, so it would be a plus for their cards to be Giga compatible. Also, is there another way for GS to recognize the wave out without going to the trouble of messing with the .infs? Please let me know. Thanks.

El Zorro