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Topic: NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX

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    NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX

    I have a Gateway Solo 2500 with a NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX soundcard. When I first got the laptop, GS worked extremely well. Since then, I have done several complete restorations, reinstalls, etc. and now GS \'runs\' ok, but there is no \'wave out\' option in the Configuration window - no \'wave out drivers\' appear - nothing to send the sound to... I have just installed Directx 7 (Thx Papa) but it didn\'t do the trick - maybe the NM card is just incompatible?

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    Re: NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX

    Reinstall directX version 6 or 7.
    does the soundcrd work with any other programs?

    Papa Chalk

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