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Topic: Wich CD-Rom drivre works 100% with S-convert

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    Wich CD-Rom drivre works 100% with S-convert

    I\'m going CRAZY...I just bought a brand new PC ( PIII500, 128 ram, 2x 7200RPM Quantum HD). Everyhthing seems to work fine EXCEPT my stupid CD-Rom wich is an Acer 50x. S c-nvert will recognize only 50% of my Akai CDs. I tried installing a new Asus 50x CD-rom but the same problems...then I desperately yank out an old ( matsu****a ) cd-rom drive from my 486 and it woks 100% and S-Convert sees ALL my Akai CDs. Is there anything I\'m doing wrong ?? or is it just Acer and Asus that are not compatible ???? It would be NICE if Nemesys or someone post a list of compatible cd-rom drive so that people don\'t have to go through this crap. Thanks

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    Re: Wich CD-Rom drivre works 100% with S-convert

    I hear you on this one. I\'m not sure if every drive works 100%.
    We had the same problem also. Only thing that makes it even stranger is we had two exact same 32x creative drives. One reads 100% the other wouldn\'t read at all. Not all drives are equal.
    Maybe if user\'s post working drives here we can compile a list.
    Works great from my Mata cdr cw-7502.
    I\'d be interested to know if any user has tried s/convert with a dvd drive, they are supposed to have a much better read than standard cd rom drives.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Wich CD-Rom drivre works 100% with S-convert

    Papa Chalk,

    Thank you so much for your post. I\'m kind of releived because I was worried that something is wrong with my PC ( wich I worked VERY hard to get enough $ to buy it ).
    Anyways, I think i\'m gonna stick with my old Matsu****a 4x for know. I , too, would love to hear if anyone tried S-convert with a DVD drive ( espscially the Pioneer IDE ( 3rd Gen) 10x DVD ).
    BTW, the drive you mentioned, is it a CD rewritable ??? I\'m looking for a recordable or rewritable to back up my Gig files. everyone sugested me to go SCSI for this one. What are your thoughts ???

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    Re: Wich CD-Rom drivre works 100% with S-convert

    Yes my drive is a scsi. It\'s not rewritable though. I didn\'t get the rewritable because.
    the price of a regular cdr disk is so low cost in comparison to a rewritable disk. I see no point of getting a rewrite. At least it\'s that way right now maybe it will change in future.

    PaPa Chalk

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