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Topic: Creative/Ensoniq PCI

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    Creative/Ensoniq PCI

    I just sent in my Aark 20/20+ for repair and want to try and use the Creative/Ensoniq PCI, that I already have, in the meanwhile. Has anybody successfully used this card with GS/WIN98?
    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Creative/Ensoniq PCI

    We\'ve used this card in the past it worked great with win95 but I had some trouble getting it to work with 98 and giga.
    I must say though I didn\'t get the chance to use it with version 1.6 of giga sampler.
    it does have directx drivers so it should work.

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    Re: Creative/Ensoniq PCI

    Just out of curiousity - What was wrong with your Aark 20/20+ - was it a problem with the 1/4 inch connectors on the front of the breakout box? i.e. - not connecting properly. If so, I\'m starting to get the impression it\'s a common fault. My card has it and so have 2 other users I have spoken to.


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    Re: Creative/Ensoniq PCI

    The reason for the repair is a malfunction of the host card. At close inspection I could see a burnt circuit at one of the PCI-terminals. I have no idea what caused it. I have never disconnected the breakout box from the host card. I am also using a surge protector. This might be an issue of interest to all 20/20+ users. I will post any further details when I get them.


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