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Topic: Lightpipe i/o with GS questions.

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    Lightpipe i/o with GS questions.


    When using lightpipe i/o with GS do you get individual channels routed out to say a digital mixer, or is it summed? The reason why I ask is that in using my DS2416 sound card/Logic Audio, connected to my Spirit 328 via lightpipe, I\'ll get something like 10 channels of summed stereo output instead of one track per mixer channel. Hope this makes sense. FWIW, I\'ll get individual channels using the above combo when using the buss routing in logic. Just inquiring before I make the plunge.



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    Re: Lightpipe i/o with GS questions.


    Hope you are well. I put some information on the forum about a Wavecenter PCI card that use\'s Lightpipe (ADAT) in & out and gives you 10 seperate GS channels.

    I was wondering about your dilemma because if you are using the Beta drivers from Yamaha\'s web site for the DSP Factory or SW1K then I had the same problem on my SW1K. The drivers are not set up to address multiple I/O\'s that the cards support.
    The problem should be addressed when the next release of drivers arrive.

    Theoretically it shouldn\'t matter what your mode of signal transport is (Lightpipe,S/PDIF or T/DIF) its the drivers that decide how and when..

    Hang in there for a while

    Any additional thoughts/experience from the floor welcome


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    Re: Lightpipe i/o with GS questions.


    Thanks for the reply. I was thinking that perhaps the \'individual channel\' thing was dependant on the third party s/w.


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    Re: Lightpipe i/o with GS questions.

    The Yamaha Directx driver only supports a single stereo output at this point, everything is going out that driver. The physical routing, Lightpipe, SPDIF, etc, makes no difference. Hopefully Yamaha is working on a full GSIF driver. I would encourage you to email them direct so they know there are people out here that want it bad!!!

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    Re: Lightpipe i/o with GS questions.

    Larry: If you\'re only getting summed output from your spirit mixer then you have something set-up wrong. I don\'t know the spirit mixer(i have an 03D) but I\'m sure you can configure the adat optical outputs in various ways.

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