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Topic: To all giga users

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    To all giga users

    I have never used a sampler before, hardware or software, and, as a result, I\'m not real familiar with a lot of the terminology, etc. I use Cubase VST with a gina card (I recently installed the 5.01 drivers). I\'ve also got a soundblaster live value card that came with the computer (I figured a second card might be useful for a software sampler, but now I prefer to use Gina for everything). My question is, do you all think gigasampler is a good choice for first sampler? Is the learning curve very intimidating? I already know I may have to deal with the inevitable computer/conflict issues, but is it worth it? Is gigasampler good for someone who hears the word \"envelope\" and thinks \"8 x 10 or legal size?\" Thanks in advance - I really appreciate everyone\'s opinion.


    P.S. I definitely want to integrate my software sampler with Cubase. It\'s not much use to me if I can\'t use the gigasampler in the same songs as my midi sequences, audio tracks, etc.

    My system is:
    Pentium III 600
    384 mg
    27 gig ide drive
    9 gig SCSI drive for audio files

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    Re: To all giga users

    Hi Irwin,
    I have used sythesizers before I dived into the world of samplers only with GS. I was afraid of hardware samplers (tiny displays, millions of parameters, complicated SCSI-connectivity). I tell you that with the PC-environment you will find - after the normal beginning trouble - the editing of sounds very fast and effective. I would have done wrong, if I had decided for a hardware sampler.
    But be aware that a sampler is different to a sound module. Sound moduls are usually ready to play instruments. With a sampler you will quickly go to the basics of an instrument and study the samples and envelopes it is made of. This is all to shape and improve the result and if you put some work into it, the results are so much better than any sound box if you have good base material. The difference is really, that you have to put some work into it. But you will find that this it also fun!

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    Re: To all giga users

    Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your words. Anyone else out there have an opinion?

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    Re: To all giga users


    I am rather new to the gigasampler, working with it on a product for my company, but I have experienced both sides now, hardware and soft. I sure like the interface advantages of the giga.... Kinda like the difference between a hardware sequencer and a soft one.... I have used the computer to \"sample\" just using the \"fav\" digital audio package, but the giga seems to offer a lot more..... BTW, that\'s some box you have there!

    Regards, Kenfen
    FAQ Systems

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    Re: To all giga users

    One more thing, Irwin I\'m not sure that you\'ll get full integration with Cubase and the giga. I haven\'t looked under all the rocks yet, but working with Cubase, I was told that their audio technology was very close to the giga and that could cause problems.

    On the other hand, I personally used the giga with Cakewalk, with no problems. The reason I was given about that, is that Cakebake (joke) deals with audio differently than Cubase............

    I\'m not favoring one or the other, just bringing up issues. You said integration with Cubase was very important.

    Regards, Kenfen
    FAQ Systems

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