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Topic: Re: Midiman DMan PCI card...

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    Re: Midiman DMan PCI card...

    Is anybody else using the Midiman DMan PCI card with Gigasampler LE?

    I thought this would be a reasonable alternative to some of the other cards, but I am wondering how much difference the Giga driver makes...

    This card is listed on the site as a \"suggested card\"...



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    Re: Re: Midiman DMan PCI card...

    The MIDIMAN cards work okay. I have a DMAN 2044 that I have used with GS. Their drivers have some glitches in them that require work-arounds sometimes. In my case, whenever I rebooted the machine, GS would not output sound through the MIDIMAN card unless I initialized the driver with another program first. You also sometimes get crackling noises on output (this didn\'t have anything to do with the hard drive speed -- I have U2W SCSI drives). Overall, the MIDIMAN products are a bargain if you can live with the glitches. I couldn\'t, which is why I bought my Aark 20/20.

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    Re: Re: Midiman DMan PCI card...

    I used to use the DMAN PCI - not bad, not great - y\'know, you get what you pay for ...
    It\'s a little soft on volume - I don\'t %100 trust the drivers - that\'s why I switched, plus, although pretty good, the sound wasn\'t quite what I was looking for. I originally bought it because my other SC wasn\'t \'giga compatible\' and I needed a decent, (yet cheap 8-) DirectX SC for Giga
    -Bill Wright

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