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Topic: Clicks and pops on Emu APS

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    Clicks and pops on Emu APS

    Gigasampler clicks and pops a bit coming out of my Emu APS but sounds fine coming out of my SB Live Value. Does anyone have any insight of why GS would sound better coming out of an $89 card than a $500+ one coming from basically the same company? My guess is that it has something to do with the unused ASIO drivers but who knows.

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    Re: Clicks and pops on Emu APS

    I used the APS for some time for Giga. I had absolutely no problems, in fact it was very impressive for a directX connection. Sorry I can\'t give you any insite into the setup, it was just install and go. I didn\'t have to alter anything.


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    Re: Clicks and pops on Emu APS


    Hope you are well... Just wondering what drivers you are using on the APS..should be 1.5


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    Re: Clicks and pops on Emu APS

    The problem is now fixed. I re-installed the drivers, and now it works perfectly. Actually, re-installing didn\'t completely work. It was when I went back to the original drivers and upgraded back from there that the problem finally went away.
    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Clicks and pops on Emu APS

    Laurence, I have just run into your message when I was searching the platform about a similar problem.
    I have tried 3 cards:
    1. Montego directX (sounds smooth)
    2. StudI/O GSIF (Beta) crackles
    3. EWS88 GSIF crackles.
    I have tried all kinds of tweaks, but it seems strange to me that the cheapest of all cards does the job without crackling and the GSIF cards crackle.

    Have you found out something about this problem, yet?

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    Re: Clicks and pops on Emu APS

    OOPS - sorry I oversaw your latest post on this. Never mind...

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