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Topic: GS 1.6 , win98SE and Montego II

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    GS 1.6 , win98SE and Montego II

    I saw a few posts about soundcards wave outs not showing up in preferences. I am having the same problem. Celeron 450 128MB RAM. Latest drivers, Reinstalled, uninstalled, retried the 1.52 update, tried Aureal Vortex reference drivers like another user did, and get the wave outs and a midi light, but then no sound. Is there something else u need to do to get the Montego II to work? I did see a few recommendations for it and i do like the card. Any ideas?

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    Re: GS 1.6 , win98SE and Montego II

    Okay...tried the montego in another machine. Uninstalled and reinstalled Giga on the new machine, an FIC VA503+ K6-2 450 machine with 128 MB RAM. Same thing. I take it that the Montego II is not compatible with Gigasampler then. It\'s too bad, for the Montego II is an inexpensive card with a great S/N ratio. Oh well.

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    Re: GS 1.6 , win98SE and Montego II


    I use the Montego II at music shows running GS 1.6 and get no problems.. I suggest you speak to Nemesys tech support.


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    Re: GS 1.6 , win98SE and Montego II


    What OS are you running - 95 or 98? I\'ve tried running GS with my Montego II on a fresh install of Windows 98, with an without the newest DirectX, Windows Updates, TB drivers, Aureal drivers with no luck. MIDI works fine, but not a peep out of the Montego II when using GS. My POS ESS Maestro card, however, has no trouble with GS. Hrmmm.

    El Zorro

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    Re: GS 1.6 , win98SE and Montego II


    I am running Win98 release 2 with the Montego drivers out of the box using GS1.6.

    I did have some initial prob with GS 1.5 but Nemesys helped me out with an update and since then I haven\'t had any problems.

    I would always suggest speaking to the guys at Nemesys regarding any problems in case you miss the obvious.

    I have just upgraded my PC so will be running GS for the first time next week but in my experience (short as it is)PC\'s do seem to have a life of their own. What will work on one machine will be a dog on another machine of the same spec..

    Betsy (my old PC) was a tempremental SOB.


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