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Topic: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

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    AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?


    Anyone try an AMIII with GS? I\'ve retired the card,and have been trying to sell it. I know it\'s not a tested card, but maybe someone got it working. Would keep it if GS worked well with it.



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    Re: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

    AMIII - you mean that expensive toy from digidesign?

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    Re: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

    Yeah....It was expensive. But at the time it was probably the best sounding sc(4 years ago)imho. It\'s still 24bit if you go spdif, and would run to my digital mixer if it worked ok with GS.


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    Re: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

    Oh, you mean the older AM ... yeah the card is still great and worx faithfully. But I don´t think with GS, because Digidesign has no dirX drivers.

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    Re: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

    As far as the PC world is concerned Digidesign support stinks. The AMIII is THE LAST Digi product I\'ll ever buy just for that reason. They didn\'t do me any favors by putting the AMIII card on the market. But they glad to take my money

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    Re: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

    I don´t like digi, too. It´s a firm doing highly professional products for a high price. The lower range products are much too expansive for the features they have - maybe the digi 001 is a expectation, but this product shows how digidesign is pissing on users who have invested 10 times the money on a mixplus or so.
    But avan many sound cards having direct X drivers are not good for GS, because latency often is too high.

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    Re: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

    Guess I\'ll have to go with a GS approved card when the time comes to get GS. Relatively small price to pay for a great piece of s/w. I\'m currently using a PeaveySP for my sampling, and althought the sound is respectable(not great), it can\'t touch the GS.

    As far as the 001 is concerned, I use LogicAudio for my sequencer. Just today in the Logic users group there was an announcement that Digi hasn\'t released any driver data to Emagic. So the 001 isn\'t supported by Logic. Almost sounds like the AMIII all over again........

    Thanks for your info.


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    Re: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

    can you give me the link for the logic users forum? I can´t find it!

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    Re: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

    No prob...here you go....


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    Re: AMIII...Anyone try it with GS?

    thanx, larry!

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