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Topic: Tascamís site is dead ?

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    Tascamís site is dead ?

    Tascamís site is dead ?

    How do I do to register now ?

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    Re: Tascamís site is dead ?

    Tu devrais les contacter par mail CustSer7@teac.com

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    Re: Tascamís site is dead ?

    Merci !

    I wait the answer.

    But during the week-end...

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    Re: Tascamís site is dead ?

    I got through to them today by phone on a non-Gigastudio issue. They said they had a bad web server crash and it's going to take a couple days to get back on the air.

    - G

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    Re: Tascamís site is dead ?

    Thanks a lot Gamera for this news.

    Then I have no choice, as I canít expect any mail from them in those two week endís days, I must reinstall a new version of GS on a clean OS to get the 10 days grace period.

    Itíll take more than an hour.

    I donít want to be offensive here (not my style) , but this is typically an unprofessional situation.

    We canít spend our time like this.

    It have to be clearly said.

    Developers should really think more closely of the copy protection system they use.

    And I let you imagine the situation if it happened in live just before a show...

    A disaster, indeed...

    Really not serious.

    (Thatís definitely why I prefer USB dongles. I canít stand those registration troubles anymore.)

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