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Topic: Please help me!

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    Please help me!

    I have change computer and now I can´t register. The 30 days are running out. The Registration Tool will not open in OSX10.4.5. Logging in on NI website won´t help. It needs authorization to make a registration, wich I have to do with the registration tool. Registrate from another computer doesn´t work and if I fax I still need to print in the autorizing code.....which is in the Registration Tool!

    Please anyone help me before I can´t use GPO anymore. Bought a new computer to get away from crackles and drop-outs. Soon I don´t have any GPO anymore.


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    Re: Please help me!

    Relax, relax ... do you really think Gary would let it go that far? Help will be on it's way.

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