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Topic: bow noise

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    Re: bow noise

    Food for thought.... Thanks everyone. I'll keep looking on the net and let you know if I find a midi pedal as an add-on.

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    Re: bow noise

    Quote Originally Posted by mixolydian
    I'm still having the 61es too. The local dealer told me that there are no expression pedals or related MIDI/USB stuff available. (Anybody tell me why...! What's wrong to having an expression pedal that's plugged in via USB?)

    So I think it's time for a new controller. I will spent some money in the upcoming M-Audio Axiom, hopefully it has a good playing feel (semi-weighted, maybe it's comparable to 61es). It will be available at the end of March or early April. Perhaps you can take a look at the CME's too. Seems that is good stuff for the money.

    I'm still hoping GPOA isn't coming up with another necessary controller...! I can't change my setup twice a year.

    BTW: note that the Edirol and Roland keyboards only having the "Lever". Maybe someone love it but I can't work with it.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    I don't have the Stradivari yet, but I do have the M-Audio Axiom 49, and from what I'm reading on this forum, every CC you would need is controllable from it, and you can customize everything on it. I highly recommend the Axiom 49 or 61.

    I can't wait to get the Stradivari in a few paychecks, all the samples sound awesome!

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