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Topic: Yamaha SW1000 question

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    Yamaha SW1000 question

    it looks that the Yamaha SW1000 makes a wonderful card for GS, as it has 6 stereo outputs plus effect for each output.

    However, KIA and others have reported problems with it (latency, only one output available, GS crashing while profiling Disk).

    Anyway if finally this card comes up with proper drivers (let´s wait...) just one question about the effect section:

    Reading the downladed manual I had the impression that the effect section is not very flexible: you have many effect processors but little parameters. It looked like you can only map a \"class\" of instruments to a limited number of e.g. reverb effects.

    Does this for example mean you cannot fine-tune reverb with parameters like depth, pre-delay, brightness etc. or have I missed something ?

    Anyone out there to answer this ? Any statements of the quality of the effects ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000 question

    TheSw1000 FX are awesome, I actually like them better than the DSP factory FX (especially the Room reverb) .All FX are very tweakable and you can even use the A/D inputs as 2 discrete FX sends from an external board!

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000 question


    Have you used XGedit that came with the card?..

    That program allows you to access ALL the parameters available for the SW1000. You may need to use Hubbis alongside XGedit and your sequencer.


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    Re: Yamaha SW1000 question

    Hi KIA,

    I have not bought a SW1000, but I read the manual. There I found that with the \"Audio-Preset-Dialog\", which allows you to map Audio Source Categories with Effects.

    I had the impression, that this is fairly high-level and not verya flexible.

    So, if you are saying that XGEdit offers more parameters, I would be interested in the parameters, that can be set up concerning reverb.

    Could you answer ?

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000 question


    The DSP used in the SW1000 & the DSP factory are the same ones used in their Promix O1v and O2 digital desk\'s...

    However the SW1000 is controlled via sysex midi for all its effects whereas the DSP factory DSP\'s are controlled at a deeper API level..

    XGedit is a program by Gary Gregson. via midi sysex control it allows you to access ALL the control of the DSP\'s on the SW1000 as much as the Promix 01V does...

    Cakewalk has an editor for it as well and if you own a control freak your laughing....

    so things like predealay,brightness,EQ,HPF,level mix,time etc are all available...

    I hope this helps...


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    Re: Yamaha SW1000 question

    The FX on the SW1000 are not actually the same as on an 01V/02R (they have 32 bit processingas does the DSP factory) but although they use 24 bit processing I like the sounds of the reverbs better.As for XGedit, it does not come with the SW1000 (a program called XG Works does and it has an editor for the SW1000 but not half s cool as XGedit) but I highly recomend it. I don\'t have enough slots in my PC so I had to sell my SW1000 but I bought a MU100R cause I used the SW1000 so much! XGedit is shareware and costs 25 pounds, I wish all of my programs were as good a value.A couple of cool features on the SW1000/MU100R:
    2 band EQ on every part(and every drum sound on each of the 4 editable kits)
    3 FX sends on every part
    Highpass filter, lowpass filter with resonance on every part
    2 extra isert FX assignable to any part(including the inputs)

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000 question

    Kia, Fritz,

    I´d like to summarize the facts about the SW1000: XGEdit allows you to access many more parameters concerning the effect section of the SW1000.

    So with its 6 outputs it would make a fine card for GS, allowing you to control effects on 6 outputs.

    So, two final questions to be sure (to be sure to be sure....):

    1. What is the latest news about the (date of) availability of proper drivers (allowing you to access all the 6 outputs from GS, no latency problems) ?

    2. Are you able to mix the six outputs into one output out of the card in order to avoid the need of an additional mixer ?

    Last comments please, guys!


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    Re: Yamaha SW1000 question

    Sure the extra 6 stereo pairs of audio outputs would be nice if they ever get to the point where more than one pair functions properly with Gigasampler, but what about that dinky sounding XG module it comes with? Don\'t get me wrong, it sounds pretty good compared with everything other than Gigasampler, but how are you going to use it in a mix without bringing down the sound quality of the whole project down a notch or two? The VL synth is still pretty cool if you\'ve got it, but the rest of the sounds? come on, a twenty meg GM sound set just doesn\'t cut it anymore!

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000 question


    If you get chance, check out the PLG AN-150 (Prophet 5) board for the SW1K...



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    Re: Yamaha SW1000 question

    I\'m sure it sounds great, but I\'d hate to have to give up my VL card. That\'s the main reason I still keep my MU-100R. I hope that someday Yamaha will come out with a rack-mount frame that will house a bunch of these expansion cards.

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