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Topic: MOTU

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    Is there anyone here who has a motu2408. just wondering if there is any word out there about gisf interface with this card. The specs on it are impressive.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: MOTU

    It\'s not really a card per se, but rather a breakout box that connects to a PCI card. The only areas where the 2408 shines is with the ADAT and TDIF etc i/o, which is kind of uselss if you don\'t have an ADAT device or a DA-88. The quality of the analogue i/o isn\'t all that great imho.

    As far as I know I dont\' think there are gsif drivers for it yet. Might be good if it worked with giga, since it\'s fairly cheap and ideal for those of us who make extensive use of TDIF or ADAT.


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