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Topic: ISIS\Gigasampler\Cubase VST

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    ISIS\\Gigasampler\\Cubase VST

    Does anybody use ISIS sound card and a sequencer like VST?
    If so plz tell me does ISIS really work with
    Gigasampler and VST at the same time.
    My Gigs 1.52 sees only 1.2 output of ISIS
    and dont see 3.4.But no matter 1.2 or not
    anyway Giga dont sound thru ISIS at all.
    Maybe it all depends on ISIS drivers,but I was told when purchasin\' the card it would really work with Giga and Cubase simultaniously.Thanx.

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    Re: ISIS\\Gigasampler\\Cubase VST

    I try to make my Isis/GS/VST system work but I can\'t make the 1/2 analog Playback work at all.
    GS 1.5 can\'t start Midi Loop and says :
    \"Another Device or application is using audio Hardware. Close all ....\"
    How did you manage to make it work yourself ?
    I got a PII 400 under W98 with GS 1.5 and VST 3.553.
    In fact, I managed to make Maestro work with GS and VST without a problem, but that\'s not what I want.

    Thank for answering me.

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    Re: ISIS\\Gigasampler\\Cubase VST

    Update to version 1.6

    PaPa Chalk

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