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Topic: Latency

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    How is the latency with your Montego II card and the ISIS set up? I have an ISIS card and am looking at getting either the SB Live or Montego II card to run on a dedicated giga PC (with the midi through the ISIS card on the other PC). I’m on a budget but if it means getting crappy latency then I’ll fork out for something better.

    Do you (or anyone else) know whether running direct X plugins (in Logic) adds significantly to latency?


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    Re: Latency


    (what \"exactly\" motivates a bean counter)..

    My cousin lives in Perth.. I have often threatend to impose myself (so to speak) on her for a visit.. seems like a nice place to live.. anyway

    If you haven\'t got either a Montego or SB Live then I would suggest an SB live.Reason being is that

    1. You can add Reverb to GS (Montego won\'t)
    2. You can use Soundfonts (Montego isnt that good at it with DLS)

    Downsides of the SB lIve are that if you want to go out via the Digital out then your stuck with 48khz which can be a pain sometimes..
    Either of them will give you really good feedback from a keyboard and give you really good audio quality. I havent spent much time using DirectX plug-ins on GS as I am using my Lexicon Reverb to treat my sounds. Maybe some thought from the floor on the DirectX thing...

    My latest \"toy\" (a Yamaha SW1000)gives me not too good latency and only one stereo output BUT I am assured that once Beta 2 drivers are released, I will have 12 mono outputs all with lovely (yeh right)Yamaha reverb,chorus,2 insert effects,1 variation effect..all the DSP power is taken from the card with little or no CPU overhead..


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    Re: Latency

    thanks for your help Kia - i\'m going to pick up a SB live card for the effects. It seems that the sb live!Player is the budget choice - same as the Platinum version,without the front bay but with SPDIF and onboard effects and two hundred Aussie clams cheaper. Sounds good.

    Counting beans: I do it for the thrill!


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