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Topic: New Midiman/Maudio stuff

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    New Midiman/Maudio stuff

    Hey everyone!

    Anyone here if the new Maudio Delta 10/10 is goign to be \"fitted\" with the biga driver? I know it should have basic Direct X drivers but I\'ld like to see this one be true giga compat. I\'m still waiting to buy a good interface for the PC with multiple ins/ours. I have a 1680 that I want to run multiple tracks into at once..and vice versa. I read alot of info on this site about the pulsar, \'tis a bummer,...looked like a great card or I/O.

    I\'m using a basic Yama DS/XG built onto the motherboard of my PC (I use my Macs mainly for audio...until I get a good I/O) Anyhow, I\'m not sure if its emulating Dir X or not,..but I can actualyl get it to work with Giga with some fidgeting. It doesn\'t have TERRIBLE latency,..butenough to bother me if I want it to run in sync with m outboard modules..ugh....ok, Im rambling...Just wondered if anyone knew about the delta drivers.

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    Re: New Midiman/Maudio stuff

    MidiMan is currently working on a giga-compatible driver for the MAudio line of cards. I do not have an expected date of delivery, please contact them for specifics. Thanks.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: New Midiman/Maudio stuff

    Thanx Joe. Looks like I\'ll go with this interface. Not a bad deal for the specs.

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