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Topic: New Gina Drivers crashing me.

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    New Gina Drivers crashing me.

    I don\'t know if any of you are using Event\'s Gina card, but I wanted to
    if anyone else here is experiencing the same problems I\'m having. I updated
    to the 5.0 version of their drivers and installed DirectX 7.0 with the latest
    beta version of GS. Now, GS works fine and doesn\'t crash even when I load
    up all of my samples. However, when I go to work in Sound Forge, I\'m getting
    hard lock-ups. I haven\'t crashed on this machine in months, so I know that
    it\'s related to the new Event drivers. Has anyone experienced this?

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    Re: New Gina Drivers crashing me.

    Wich Windows version are you using ?
    Im asking this question cause I have two machines. The first one is a P3 with Win98, Gina (5.01 drivers), Direct-x 7, GS and Soundforge. It works really great (both GS and SF).
    My second machine is a P2 with Win95, Gina (5.01 drivers), Direct-x 7, GS and Soundforge. On this computer Soundforge are crashing and creating clips and pops on edits. Note the main difference between those computers are just the OS. Im considering upgrade the 95 to 98 on the second machine to try solve the problem.

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