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Topic: GS and Pulsar - Creamware is ready!

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    GS and Pulsar - Creamware is ready!

    News from Creamware: Ingo Raven told me that Creamware has already developed a zero latency interface for scope/pulsar and they are only waiting for nemesis to finish the drivers! So question 2 Dave, why don´t you take this as chance to create the ultimate Sampler with an ultimate Output solution? Even if this wuld be additional work for nemesis, it may be the breakthrough for GS!

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    Re: GS and Pulsar - Creamware is ready!

    Holger, I give up. I\'m tired of the run around. There are fingers pointing everywhere and excuses. If you ever here something about pulsar and giga working together please email me at:

    I\'ve waited patiently all year for this combo and guess what: STILL WAITING!!!

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    Re: GS and Pulsar - Creamware is ready!

    Maybe someone from Nemesys can tell us whether or not they are working on the drivers for Pulsar ?

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    Re: GS and Pulsar - Creamware is ready!


    I do not want to mislead anyone, or give you false hope, so no, today, we are not working on any customization for the Pulsar hardware.

    This whole Pulsar/GigaSampler issue has caught us by surprise. When we approach Creamware and delivered the GSIF specification with sample code six months ago, they told us the same thing they told customers, which was they were working on GSIF drivers. So we believed them, and assumed that compatibility was just around the corner. Consequently, we have assigned our engineering resources elsewhere. There are no shortage of improvements on the \'wish list\'. Apparently, they did not work on GSIF drivers but rather they were working on developing their own low-latency interface. When we were informed that they were not going to do the GSIF driver, and wanted us to program to their interface ... well it caught us off guard.

    We apologize for the confusion this has cost the customer. But if I were to promise you something that we were not working on, then in six months you would be in the same situation. I can say that we will reevaluate the issue when things cool off, which will be after the NAMM 2000 show. But I don\'t want to promise anything.

    I know this isn\'t the answer you want to hear but it is the truth.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: GS and Pulsar - Creamware is ready!


    Thank you for shedding some light on the issue. I myself am not a Pulsar owner, but I have contemplated buying the soundcard. Together with Gigasampler and a good sequencer it has the potential of turning the computer into one hell of a workstation. But, the way things are now, I am not going to wait for something that may never happen. There are other companies that offer good quality soundcards with the GSIF implemented, even though they may not be as versatile as Pulsar.


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