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Topic: Horizion to VI - how does this work?

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    Horizion to VI - how does this work?

    Sorry to ask this here, but I'm having trouble getting through to VSL. I own Horizon Solo Strings Giga version. I no longer use Gigasampler, so I want to cross/up grade to VI Solo Strings. By using the discount calculator on the VSL website it appears that I can do this for $35. I'm I reading this right? Has anyone here done this? How does it work?

    Do they send you a dongle with software that turns the Horizion Giga version into the VI standalone/VST version? Or do they send a whole new set of CD's?

    Thank You for the info

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    Re: Horizion to VI - how does this work?

    I think that it's $450. You have to buy the Standard VI ($415, I think) and then you get the Extended for an extra $35.

    It is not an update, it's a new product and it uses it's own player. You will be sent a new package with the sample DVDs, player installer and dongle.


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