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Topic: Gigasampler/Pulsar - rallying support

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    Gigasampler/Pulsar - rallying support

    Thanks for the posts of support concerning the ludicrous Pulsar/Gigasampler situation I posted on a few days back. There is mounting support on the Creamware Pulsar forum and the Pulsar newsgroup for action to try and get this issue resolved either by getting people to contact creamware directly and voice their concern about Creamware\'s backtracking on this issue, or possibly to try and pursuade the more technologically minded of the Pulsar community to have a crack at incorporating the Gigasampler hooks into a patch.

    Perhaps anyone on this forum who is interested in this issue could post here. Pulsar/Gigasampler could be an awesome combination. Many have already invested on the strength of Creamware\'s initial promises. Let\'s try and sort the situation out.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Jules Bromley

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    Re: Gigasampler/Pulsar - rallying support

    Sorry for my Gigasampler/Pulsar announcement in July this Year. Creamware told me that the GS drivers are done in August. We all see, nothing is happen yet. I guess it is a political decision, not a technical problem at all. Creamware is wasting big sales going this way. I planned to get scope, but without GS integrated I think I will spent my money for other things.

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