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Topic: Gina vs Darla24

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    Gina vs Darla24

    I was just at zzounds.com looking at the prices of their cards, and both the Gina 20-bit card and the Darla 24-bit card are the same price! Both come with the breakout box and cable. Could someone tell me why anyone in their right mind wouldn\'t buy the Darla, since it does 24-bit recording? Is there something I don\'t know? Aren\'t they otherwise the same card?


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    Re: Gina vs Darla24

    This is the way I understand it. Gina has S/PDIF I/O, Darla does not.

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    Re: Gina vs Darla24

    Yeah I realized that after doing a bit more research. It\'s hard sometimes to do all your homework on this stuff.


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    Re: Gina vs Darla24

    I could be mistaken but, in addition to the digital port, I believe the Gina has balanced analog I/O\'s while the Darla\'s are unbalanced.

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