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Topic: number of channels

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    number of channels

    Hi everyone,

    I have a very simple question:
    How many MIDI channels does gigasampler support? I figured 16 but couldn\'t verify that on the site. If it is only 16, and since a full orchestra has more than 16 instruments, what do you do? Do you use patch changes--more than one instrument per channel? Are there plans for increasing the number of channels so this isn\'t an issue? I understand that most sound modules have 16, but the more the merrier...


    Anthony Lombardi

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    Re: number of channels

    You have 16 channels, but every instrument is accessible from any channel, in other words it does not matter, into which channel you load the instruments. So 16 instruments can sound at a time.

    But of course each key in each instrument can have a different sample and if you press 3 keys in one channel you can hear three different sounds, which you use e.g. for percussion, where you put everything into one instrument.

    Again in other words that means that there is no limit in multitimbralty except for the 64 voices of GS.

    If you do smart program changes, it is only the very few passages where a full orchestra plays, that not all the instruments might be reproducable at a time with GS.

    Another limit is more likely to occur: If all the instruments are in stereo you will run out of voices, as the attack of the following voice falls into the release of the preceding, which means that you usually need 4 voices for one instrument, at least in legato passages.

    So the best strategy is to use Mono voices, to just leave some voices away in full crescendo passages (you won´t hear it anyway), it sound better anyway - because if many samples play at a time you are getting a bit closer to white noise.

    Take care.

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    Re: number of channels

    ...just to add: An orchestra has usually more than 16 instruments, but a string sample might consist of a single violin or a violin section of 10 players.

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    Re: number of channels

    Thanks for clearing that up Horst.
    Do you compose orchestral pieces? Actually that would be an interesting question for all GS users... Someone should take a poll of the users here so we can find out what everyone\'s doing with GS.


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    Re: number of channels

    Horst, I agree with your advice about using mono samples for polyphony\'s sake. I\'m still tweaking on it, but I just programmed a \"chamber orchestra\" to back up a classical guitar on the \"Concerto del Sur\" by Manuel Ponce. After carefully choosing the best woodwinds in my collection and solo violins, viola, cello, and double bass, I copied all the solo strings to a \"merged\" track and played it with a nice stereo marcato string sample. The solo string tracks give the impression of \"close\" miking while the stereo marcato serves to simulate a stereo ambience from the audience\'s viewpoint. Like I said, I am still tweaking out the balances but I\'m going to put a minute and a half mp3 of the concerto up on my webspace. If you or Tony would like to hear it write to me at, <jimboling@mindspring.com>, and I\'ll send you the URL.

    Jim B.

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