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Topic: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?

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    Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?

    I am currently using a SB AWE 64 Gold with its analog outs plugged into a reverb device. It sound acceptable.

    What I am really looking for is a card, that allows me to add different amounts of reverb to certain instruments like with a Roland-Synth.

    I would only need two or three different channels but more would be welcome.
    Finally I would like to have a very clean analog signal with a fine sound.

    What I do not want is to have six outputs, a mixer and all the cables and stuff.

    Also the reverb section should be high-quality and not affect the main-processor too much, as the main processor is used up by GS.

    Does anyone know a card which does this (and its price-range) ?


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    Re: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?


    It seemed no-one wanted to reply to your message so I thought I would try to help..

    You have a number of useful options.

    1. Soundblaster Live. £149ish.. downsides are that it only outputs 1 stereo out and the Digital out is set to 48Khz only.

    2. Yamaha SW1000. £449ish.. downsides are latency is a bit high (drivers are still Beta\'s) that will change soon however & the only other issue is you still only get a stereo out. I have one though and it really is a great sounding card.

    3. Mixtreme Card £800 ish.. no real downsides has multi out support lots of DSP power and works..

    There are a lot of other cards out there but the ones I listed above all have the ability to put Reverb/Chorus on GS sounds..

    Other non-DSP cards would include ALL the event Card (Gina,Darla, Layla) ARK 20/20, Frontier Designs Dakota,ISIS card (£249) and....erm..erm I have forgot the others for now perhaps someone might add to the list..

    Hope this Helps


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    Re: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?

    Hi KIA,
    this is just to say thank you for feeling mercy with my poor little mail.

    Indeed it looks like spending another fortune for a mixtreme and a reverb plug-in or to stay with one stereo output or to go for one of the latter cards (layla...) and fumble around with mixers and cables...
    Or has anyone else found a good option to have individual reverb for GS-Instruments in realtime ?

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    Re: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?


    My home set-up is a Mackie 16-2 desk with a second hand Lexicon LXP1 reverb.
    A dog slow PC running Cakewalk V9,hip-hop ejay (a must)and GS LE (My PC wont run the full version of GS.
    V-drum kit,JV1000 and EMU Proteus orchestral kbd with Genelec 1029a monitors.

    Until the SW1000 came along, I was putting reverb on GS from the Lexicon and if I am honest, I think the Lex reverb is nicer than the one in the SW1000. So as a thought, why not go external...


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    Re: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?

    Hi KIA,

    I understand that your SW-1000 has one Stereo-analog out (for GS) and that you plug it together with all your other equipment into your Mackie Mixer. I understand that the effect sends of your Mixer trigger your Lexicon reverb - right ?

    My problem seems to be somewhat different: I would like to add different amounts of reverb to instruments that play on GS. So - if I went external as you recommend - this would mean that I cannot use the SW-1000 but some Multi-Output card that would be connected to a Mixer - right ? (Layla, Darla, Blabla)

    I also hope that it would sound better because I feel that while putting all instruments onto one analog out, the individual dynamic and differentiation of the instruments suffers. Do you think an external D/A converter (e.g. Flying calf from Midiman) could improve this ?

    As a mixer I would like to use something nice an tiny like the Midiman-18 Mixer. I could - by the way - also add in my Proteus/2 Orchestral into this setup.

    What do you think of all this ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?


    Sage advice on the Multi Out card ...

    The only reason I am using external gear at the moment is that the SW1000 drivers are Beta 1 and have 2 major problems.

    1. Latency (very bad)
    2. 1 Stereo output support.

    Beta 2 drivers (which will happen) will address these two issues and allow better latency and also 6 stereo outputs or 12 mono outputs.. but I am just \"existing\" as it were till they arrive.

    I hope this helps..

    I would then do all my output mixing in XGEdit and Cakewalk

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    Re: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?

    I wish to answer your original question. If you want to apply different amounts of effects (EQ, Reverb, etc.) to different MIDI channels in GS, you\'ll need a card with multiout support for GS, *and* you can apply different amounts of effects to different outputs.

    This makes perfect sense to me since your bass drum\'s gotta have different EQ and reverb from your strings, and not everyone wants to do everything on a traditional mixer and some external effect units.

    From Nemesys\'s list of supported card there is only one card under the \"Multi Channel Soundcards with DSP Effects\" heading: Soundscape Mixtreme.

    It also says \"Guillemot and Hoontech has announced GSIF compatible products\". But that means you have to wait. And, if Guillemot\'s offering is like their ISIS then it is an input/output card only. If budget is a concern that you cannot get the Soundscape Mixtreme (the card itself is priced reasonably, but you have to pay extra for the various I/O options), wait for Hoontech and see what they come up with. I wish it will be just a new driver for their DSP24...

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    Re: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?

    I just checked out www.hoontech.com myself. Yes they are working on GSIF support on their DSP24, but I found out that DSP24 is a pure I/O card, not \"DSP\" as its name suggests.

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    Re: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?


    I am slightly confused...so I hope you can clear it up for me again:

    When the SW-1000 will run with its proper drivers, does this mean it will support 6 Stereo-Outs and you can add individual SW-1000 reverb to each out ?

    Do you then get six stereo-output-jacks or only one or do you have the choice ?

    Let me finally ask for the price of the card.

    Thank you

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    Re: Who can recommend his soundcard for GS ?

    I have a DSP24 on order right now. First one to be sold by the US importers (there are two, and only one of them is willing to sell it yet). I should have it next week. I will not be testing it with Giga thought, it is going in my recording machine not my Giga machine. With the copy protection hassels of Giga I just don\'t have time to test that. With all the grief I went through building the Giga machine, I\'m not chaning anything for a while (I am sure Nemesys support is happy to hear that).

    Having said that... I hope Hoontech does work to make another of their cards compatible with Giga. The DSP24 (and BM is correct it is an IN/OUT card not a DSP card) has an digital input that will allow you to take the sound from their DSP cards and route it through the DSP24. I assume that will allow me to use DSP power from a DA16 as a daughter board type situation. So it isn\'t as bad as it seems. In fact if the DA16 had GS/IF that would be incredible. They are very reluctant to do GS/IF for that card, I don\'t know why.

    Also, giving credit to Hoontech... on specs alone the DSP24 kills MOTU (not too tough to do) and Maudio (much tougher).

    The hottest item out there should be the SeaSound Solo. I have talked to their product folks and GS/IF is in the planning stage. Now if they just had some to ship! I passed on the Solo because there just aren\'t any of them to buy.


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