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Topic: Gigasampler/Pulsar - looks like it aint happening

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    Gigasampler/Pulsar - looks like it aint happening

    Sorry to be the purveyor of bad news to everyone out there who (like me) has
    been waiting for Creamware to incorporate the Gigasampler hooks into their
    software and permit proper, stable, multi-channel functionality. After
    weeks of trying to get a straight answer from Creamware about where they are
    with the hooks, they\'ve as good as confirmed that it\'s not on the list of
    priorities presently. They seem to feel that Nemesys should rewrite
    Gigasampler to accommodate Creamware\'s own sampler interface, this despite
    Nemesys showing no inclination to do so, and also claiming that adopting the
    Gigasampler hooks takes most hardware manufacturers no longer than 2-3 days.

    Creamware\'s current priorities are Mac, EASI and ASIO2 - all of which I
    think are a great idea incidentally - leaving Gigasampler users like myself
    feeling a little let down. The hooks were assured 8 months ago, but it
    seems Creamware have taken the view that Mac, EASI and ASIO2 are bigger
    money spinners as marketing tools. They\'re probably right, but it\'s pretty
    poor consolation for anyone who bought the Pulsar to sample with - currently
    none of the serious soft-samplers work 100% reliably with Pulsar as far as I

    The relevant parts of Ingo\'s last email is set out below along with my
    response which he has so far not responded to. Let\'s hope Creamware\'s own
    sampler makes an appearance soon and does the business. Meanwhile, anyone
    interested in buying Gigasmpler from me??!

    Jules Bromley

    \"basically I already told you what the current situation is.
    As long as Nemesys do not support our interface (I have no update about
    their plans on this), we would have to support their slow interface.
    I doubt that this can really be done in 2-3 days, as they told you,
    everything has to be debugged, tested, debugged again, tested again and so

    First to come is EASI. Then there is the MAC version: Can you imagine how
    many MAC users are
    waiting for this one? It will be also a benefit for all PC users, as both
    version will be file compatible. Modules from SCOPE users and third-parties
    will run on both platforms. With more users, there will be more future 3rd
    party modules, so it will help to establish Pulsar as an audio platform.
    Adapting a software as complex as Pulsar to another platform is no easy
    task, but once it is done it is much easier to make the WIN2000, BeOS,
    Linux... version follow.
    We also plan to support ASIO2.

    Of course we can understand the misery all Gigasampler user are currently
    in, and we are honestly sorry for this. But although we have many
    programmers working on SCOPE and Pulsar, we cannot do all these things at
    the same time.
    We still are trying to find a solution for Gigasampler, but currently we
    think that more users will benefit from EASI, MAC and ASIO2, so these will
    come first.

    And yes, there will be some advanced sampler from CreamWare, too, but I
    cannot tell you some specs, details about prices or a release date yet\"


    >Ingo, I totally understand what you\'re saying. But, I was told
    categorically and months ago that Creamware WERE developing the Gigasampler
    hooks. You now seem to be saying that you are NOT developing the
    Gigasampler hooks, but instead are waiting for Nemesys to support your own
    interface. This completely contradicts what I and many others have been
    told to date. In addition, from my correspondence with Nemesys they have
    indicated no intention of supporting the Pulsar/Scope interface, because of
    the ease with which they claim their hooks can be incorporated.

    The only conclusion one can draw from this is essentially: nothing is being
    done to enable Gigasampler and Pulsar to work properly together, therefore
    full compatibility is not imminent or even planned, and therefore if one
    wants to run Gigasampler properly, Pulsar is the wrong choice. Simple as
    that. Fair enough, but let people know that this is the case, instead of
    offering vague assurances and unspecific promises of future compatibility -
    it\'s misleading.

    Please feel free to disagree with the above, but in the absence of such a
    response I feel obliged to post my full set of correspondence to the Pulsar
    mailing list and forums, in order that others may avoid the fate that I have
    suffered. Don\'t get me wrong, I\'m delighted that EASI and ASIO2
    implementation are in hand, but let\'s face it, when Creamware first promised
    Gigasampler compatibility, ASIO2 and EASI didn\'t even exist. They may be
    bigger money spinners as marketing tools for Creamware, but they\'ve
    basically jumped the queue, and people like me might feel slightly let down
    as a result. I think we\'re entitled to.


    Jules Bromley

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    Re: Gigasampler/Pulsar - looks like it aint happening


    I can\'t believe what the chap from Creamware said...

    let me tell you about my experiences with Creamware..

    We (etcetera distribution) sold the triple dat system from creamware but even though we sold a few, they (creamware) were not happy and dumped us and then we heard that they dumped the next distributor then the next and now they are on their 4th one..

    I will be honest and say that as much as I like the Pulsar, I believe it to be far too processor intensive and I was surprised that GS support was announced..

    The pulsar is a \"do everything\" card and very powerful to boot.. why support something that is already replicated in their own card... It is an interesting lesson to be learned from manufactures..

    Shame you can\'t keep GS running on a SB live and stuff Creamware...


    ps. The Creamware chap is slightly arogant and nieve to think that the GS interface is slow and that GS has to hook into them.. If there is one thing that burns my bottom and thats arrogance.. Rarrr Grrrrr

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    Re: Gigasampler/Pulsar - looks like it aint happening

    No need to apologize at all esteven1. It\'s not your fault at all. I was also under the impression that they were going to do what they said.(promised). They tooks us all on a loop with that one. Very strange that they would do this. The reply was......well, KIA already said it.
    Not a good day for all us pulsar users testers etc.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Gigasampler/Pulsar - looks like it aint happening

    I want to apologize to all users here for my recommendation of this card. I didn\'t know they would can us like this. It is a great card but It won\'t do you any good if you can\'t run gigasampler through it.

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