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Topic: [OT] Anyone noticed this MIcrosoft conference DRM relevation?

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    [OT] Anyone noticed this MIcrosoft conference DRM relevation?

    Hello everyone!

    With everyone being in a heated debate about DRM yes/no, copyright yes/no/, protecting your rights while leaving a little bit of creative freedom, etc. I found this little gem of a press conference:

    MSFT: Our DRM licensing is there to eliminate hobbyists and little guys

    In that story is a link to the original Weblog posting, which started the whole thingie.

    I am eager to hear what you guys think about this? I mean: Everyone knows that all these TCPA and DRM schemes are aiming at killing Freeware-, Opensource-, and other little projects. But it was never admitted that openly.

    I wonder why there was no worldwide wave of protest? Any opinions?
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    Thumbs down Re: [OT] Anyone noticed this MIcrosoft conference DRM relevation?

    What a hysterically, monumentally, unfathomably stupid thing to say... I might see some reason to limit the exposure of your DRM coding - but to state what he did and in that way is pretty unconscienable. He wasn't talking about the technical problems in engaging open-source systems - he's talking about the business model.


    Hello? Department of Justice? While you were out of the office duck hunting with Cheney instead of doing your job, there's been some stuff happening...

    That VP should be fired and Microsoft should figure out a way to black-box thier DRM code - and then open it to anyone to use, but not necessarily analyze. Likewise, they should make the pricing model so that anyone could use it to make money and marginally protect their IP. Oh well - ever since DMCA the media industries have owned the US government.
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    Re: [OT] Anyone noticed this MIcrosoft conference DRM relevation?

    I disagree. I can see their point. 1) If something goes wrong in the content or the way it is coded, MS is getting the phone call 2) They want their proper revenue to pay for all those lubly codec and the gazillion patents they integrated.

    If they want a closed or semi-closed system to retain integrity, so be it. Let them do whatever...im sure there are ways around the situation for what needs to be done, or an OS version for it. And, if they don't want to give what we want, then less developers will write for it...and less will be sold
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    Re: [OT] Anyone noticed this MIcrosoft conference DRM relevation?

    It makes sense to me. If you have limited capacity (for technical support in this case), raise the price to lower demand. Mercedes doesn't make limousines for poor people. And Microsoft doesn't need to make their DRM available for implementation by the masses either.

    There are lots of companies who target their products only at large corporations. Hopefully, there will be companies who make competitive products for the rest of us as well.


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