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Topic: is there a way to......

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    is there a way to......

    make the instrument loaded in the gigasampler sustain indefinately?...I use the gigasampler for drums and I hit the sustain pedal on my keyboard to allow the cymbals and toms and hat sustain..but when I use an instrument from my key board and the sustain pedal it kills the sustain of the gigasampler drums..any ideas?..thanks

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    Re: is there a way to......

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    Re: is there a way to......

    Go into the GS Editor. Just @ the center of your screen you\'ll see EG/LFO1, EGLFO2, EGLFO3, Filter, Response, etc. In the EG/LFO1 set the Release (sec) to a # higher than what it is currently. I have it @ 10 sec for standard drum samples.

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