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Topic: Creative Ensoniq PCI Troubles

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    Creative Ensoniq PCI Troubles

    Hello all,

    I\'m having troubles w/the following setup:

    AMD K6 2/450, 128 MB RAM
    Gigasampler 1.60
    Creative Ensoniq PCI, Model 1371

    I\'m using DirectX 7, Win98 Second Edition, the absolute latest Creative/Ensoniq driver, and I still get the same problems...

    GS sees the MIDI function of my card, but not the audio outputs. No audio outputs are available. I tried reconfiguring, and it didn\'t find it. I uninstalled GS using the uninstall utility, then reinstalled. When I launched it, it told me that my last session ended ungracefully, and that I might consider reinstalling (?!)

    Now, it still sees the MIDI in from the card, but not the audio outs. Is there some magic setting I\'m supposed to be changing that I\'ve totally missed?

    Thanks for any input one could give. This program looks like it could really rock, if it\'ll just work.... <g>

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Creative Ensoniq PCI Troubles

    You need the older Ensoniq driver, called apiwiz95.exe

    The creative drivers completely and utterly do not work with any version of Giga, regardless of what Creative might tell you. I have had to tell so many people this, it bothers me, because the older driver DID work.

    You\'ll have to do a search on the web for it. If you can\'t find it, try looking on Dell or Gateway\'s archive drivers pages, because that card is often an OEM card in mail order PC\'s.



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    Re: Creative Ensoniq PCI Troubles

    Now this is interesting \'cause I have the same problem but with a Diamond MX300 card. It worked with the same drivers under Win98 but not under Win98SE. MIDI input works but no sound. I will try to reinstall the old Win98 to see if it helps.

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    Re: Creative Ensoniq PCI Troubles

    Bob, I tried the apiwiz95.exe, but the card will not install. I get the error saying that I don\'t have an Ensoniq PCI audio card. It was worth a try.

    Mattias, let me know if that does the trick for you.


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    Re: Creative Ensoniq PCI Troubles

    Mattias, one more thing - what version of DirectX do you have installed?

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    Re: Creative Ensoniq PCI Troubles

    I am currently running DirecttX 7.0 but I have tried with DirectX 6.1 and that does\'nt work either. This coming weekend I will take the time to reinstall using old Win98 to see if that helps.

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    Re: Creative Ensoniq PCI Troubles

    I have given up on trying to get my Monster Sound MX300 card working with GS. I tried installing old Win98 but got the same problem there. I whipped out my ol\' AWE64 and it worked perfectly with GS. I just routed the output on the AWE to the Line in on the MX300.

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    Re: Creative Ensoniq PCI Troubles

    Go into safe mode in windows then to your device manager make sure you do not have double drivers loaded. I came across this problem when I had the ensoniq. it also happend when I had the sb live. i then narrowed it down to double drivers being loaded. If you see double drivers for the sound card loaded in safe mode remove them all reboot then reinstall so only one driver is installed.

    hope this helps

    PaPa Chalk

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