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Topic: Piano Sonata No. 2

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    Piano Sonata No. 2

    I know it hasn't been long since my last offering but I had to finish this piece and get it ready for you all to hear. The inspiration and drive came to me after talking to somebody for the first time and introducing them to my music. Their response was to say that it made them cry and that it moved them. I felt a warm glow inside and have now got a passion to complete all my unfinished pieces. So expect lots more coming very soon as I trawl through the scraps of manuscipts and piece together my ideas.

    Piano Sonata number 2



    ps if you can please leave a rating and review on the site thanks.

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    Re: Piano Sonata No. 2

    Very well done, David!

    There's a wonderful lilting lyricism and flow in this.

    My best,


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