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Topic: LAYLA/GINA/DARLA and GS Users please read ...

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    LAYLA/GINA/DARLA and GS Users please read ...

    The new v5.01 have been released.

    This fixes the problem with GS LE and the sampling rate.

    We still have the issue with DirectSound drivers needing to be turn off, but at least an LE version can take advantage of multiclient drivers.

    They mention that a number of other bugs were fixed from the v5.00 version so this might be a good update.

    We have verified here (at NemeSys) that this driver does fix the LE problem.

    If you have any experiences with this new version, please post your results. Thanks.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: LAYLA/GINA/DARLA and GS Users please read ...

    My problem starts earlier. I have Layla installed with the 5.01 driver. My computer\'s sound card is a non-MIDI capabile Crystal CS 4236/37/38. I am installaing GS-LE with Layla on. The 1.5 CD loads all the files and instructs me to reboot. I cold re-boot and start GS. As it \"profiling hard drive(s)\" GS causes an invalid page fault and the install fails. I try again, it says to re-install GS. This I do to no avail. Help me get it installed so I can register, and upgrade to the 1.6 driver. Thanks!!!

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