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Topic: lame post with mp3s of my music

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    Talking lame post with mp3s of my music

    I posted this in game music, but curious what the usuals think

    new cues for the new demo reel




    yah it'd be nice to make the choirs actually sing, but I gave myself the deadline and this is where I ended up this morning
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    Re: lame post with mp3s of my music

    They sound really nice! I especially liked the first and third ones. The choir sounds good, but I'd use less of it. It goes on for so long that it starts to be noticeable that it's samples. That's QL Choirs?

    Really nice stuff!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: lame post with mp3s of my music

    Cool! I agree about the 1st and 3rd, but what I really loved was the percussion writing, especially in the first one. Are you using TrueStrike?
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: lame post with mp3s of my music

    hey thanks for listening guys


    the choirs are actually the "generic" "lite" choirs in QL Collosus (so they are similar to VotA). I just used it as placeholder, and then started mocking up with QL/EW Symph Choirs, but was running into some major rendering problems, possibly due to moving stuff to another HD or something. I didnt want to spend the time figuring it out. It always helps to give myself a deadline in terms of actually getting things done, but hurts when I run into stuff like that.

    I'm hoping that when I sort this out I'll be able to replace the choirs with better stuff, and re print some CDs, or finish the damn DVD demo I've been trying to put together.


    yup almost all the percussion is TrueStrike. I really love this lib. It has a very "live" feel, and adds a sort of "studio" vibe to cues. Its not over hyped, but that also means a bit of a mid range bump in the stage mics. when I pile on percussion it starts to get kinda "clanky", but thats what would happen in real life too
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    The Digital Bitphonic Orchestra
    -Ashif "Ash" Hakik

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    Re: lame post with mp3s of my music

    I like the second one actually. Hypnotic. I liked the first one, apart from some of the string sounds - although I liked the lines. I didn't go a bomb on the third one.

    Good to see you're working King and not lazing around in bed all day.

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    Re: lame post with mp3s of my music

    I liked the first one and the second onel. Both have a great mood. The first one grabs your attention right away with a pulsating rhythm and some excellent percussion writing. The second takes you away on a intergalactic journey. Excellent.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Thumbs up Re: lame post with mp3s of my music

    The percussions sound really great in the first piece.(Love the percussion patterns!)
    And for the second piece, I love the synths and the synthy percussions
    and also the ambient sound.What synth are you using?
    The third one has a really nice theme in it, sounds heroic.
    Like the heavy brass backing too

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    Re: lame post with mp3s of my music

    Yo King -- I like the second one best. For me the order goes 2-1-3

    But I F'n hate choirs, hate 'em...... no really, I do. I don't think I've ever heard a choir (live or otherwise) where I thought "wow, that sounds cool". For some reason choir always sounds cheesy to my ears. Don't know why? (but that doesn't have much to do with you or your music here, it's my personal preference)

    rock out........ ;-)

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    Re: lame post with mp3s of my music

    Hey King!
    Pretty decent tunes you got there. Hope it gets you many gigs.

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    Talking Re: lame post with mp3s of my music


    I'd love to be lazing around, or jsut partying all the time, but I'm not. I need to make a buck here so I've gotta work on this crap..I mean jeez....music...what a pain


    thanks for listnening. Its wierd, alot of people seem to love the percussion writing, I think its kinda boring, or predictable..well maybe cuz I wrote it. There's alot going on, but its kinda simple. Maybe since there's so much going on it hides how simple and repetative it is.


    There's 3 or 4 different synths going on in there. Vstation, stuff from collossus I tweaked the crap out of. A few of them I through into amp sims and tremolos, and delays. as well as weird filters on the percussion and delays. Its intersting how easy it is to make a simple detuned kick sound so much more technical with effects.


    I figured you'd dig the second one most Tho I thought it might be too Media Ventures for you, and its too bad I'm a bit of a choir whore


    thanks man, me too. I appreciate you liking them as you've been around here long enough to remember and see my progress, I'm hoping I'm getting better at this stuff. Hope Chuck, Buzz, Sam, and Grady throw alot of work both our ways


    Is anyone hearing a bit too much of a low end bump? I mastered the whole CD aftert a little too much time spent in front of the monitors, so my ears were burnt. Trying to not destroy the dynamics, but still keep the tracks consistant enough to keep up with some of the more "inyour face tracks" (like a rock/metal tune). Listening now I'm feeling that there might be too much power down there. How are your subs responding? Is the mix crisp enough or is it feeling a bit muffled?

    I dont feel like its terrible, but I can "feel" the low end being a bit too hot, not a specific frequency, but just a bit too much o "level" feeling down there. really consistant...in a bad way.
    Operation Mindcrime 2, in stores now.
    or go here...
    The Digital Bitphonic Orchestra
    -Ashif "Ash" Hakik

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