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Topic: Cards, Cards, Who's got the cards

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    Cards, Cards, Who\'s got the cards

    So lets say I\'m going to buy a card which will enable me to run VST 24 and GS together happily. I\'m listening to a song on VST while I play GS Samples and after finding the right sound in \"Real Time\" I record it while listening to VST.
    Thank you guys I\'m excited to see so many of me out there.....jmac

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    Re: Cards, Cards, Who\'s got the cards

    Mr Hyper

    I would suggest the Mixtreme card for use with GS.

    1. Soundscape themselves demo their cards on the road using GS
    2. Open ended system for expansion
    3. DSP on the card allow for more dynamic control
    4. Works with VST
    5. I can\'t think of any more
    6. Erm

    Unity is NO WHERE NEAR the ball park as far as I am concerned.

    I am off on one now so I\'ll scoot

    KIA the Dyslextic erm...

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