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Topic: Event 5.0/Giga 1.6 trouble!

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    Event 5.0/Giga 1.6 trouble!


    Anyone besides me who experience a lot of irritating instances, where Gigasampler sort of \'uses connection\' to the MIDI device, and stops playing (usually the current notes will just hang). This happens at apparently no specific times/for no specific reasons... and it has only happened with Event 5.0 and Giga 1.6... I run Giga on a separate PC and use Cubase on the sequencer-PC.


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    Re: Event 5.0/Giga 1.6 trouble!

    i have noticed more pops and clicks myself...anyone else?


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    Re: Event 5.0/Giga 1.6 trouble!

    Oh god where was my head when I wrote that message.... Gigasampler doesn\'t USE CONNECTION.... it LOOSES connection!!!


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