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Topic: ARRK 24 "AES"

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    ARRK 24 \"AES\"

    New at AES, the new ARK 24, Now, Is someone going to tell me that with the 20/20 or any other product I can open GS, open VST, start a VST song and play a sample and hear it, \"while it\'s recording\"? I WILL BUY THAT CARD TOMORROW AT ANY COST!
    Thank You JMAC

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    Re: ARRK 24 \"AES\"

    check out this post in the general hardware issue section
    You can find it if you type:
    help, multi-client soundcard

    in the search section just click on search just below the post reply button.
    there\'s some info there

    Papa Chalk

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    Re: ARRK 24 \"AES\"

    OK, OK.

    what is it, someone tell me, what is the aark 24? I can\'t find any reference to it on the web or any of the AES coverage sites. Does anyone know about this thing? I\'m very curious.

    Thankyou in advance.


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    Re: ARRK 24 \"AES\"


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    Re: ARRK 24 \"AES\"

    I suspect this is refering to the Aark Direct Pro 24/96. This card will feature true 24 bit 96K Hz sampling, 4 analog inputs (which include hi quality mic preamps and phantom power), 6 analog outputs, DSP effects (Motorola 56031, 80 MIPS), multi-track hard disk recording software, and of course Gigasampler compatability. It is not shipping yet, but Aardvark promises it will be ready by the end of the month. I have given them an \"advance order\".

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