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Topic: Card Crap

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    Card Crap

    I\'m just one frustrated vet producer/composer interested in moving into the next century. I did manage to get GS up and running once with Darla and VST but not at the same time. THIS IS NOT A MUSICAL SYSTEM. Days of trouble shooting.
    Prior to buying GS I visited their site. To quote Nemesys,\"Event/Echo\'s new \"multiclient driver v5.0\", will require GigaSampler v1.6.\" I\'ve GOT IT, IT DOESN\'T WORK. Nemesys says GO BACK to Darla 4.5, give me a break. The word Multiclient I believe means we\'re all talking, we work together. I drop kicked Unity for this very reason, now I\'m questioning that move.
    PLEASE, some words of true wisdom!

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    Re: Card Crap

    Sorry for the hassle. There have been some problems with the 5.0 version of the Echo drivers. You will need to make sure that the DirectSound driver is disable (Please see some earlier posts on how to do this). And you need to be aware that there is a problem with GS LE and v5.00 - not the full. The problem is that the sampling rate is hosed. Echo will fix this in v5.01.

    So if you have v1.6 (full version), and v5.0 echo drivers (with DirectSound drivers turned off) then you will have multiclient capabilities.

    As far as other multiclient, GS-compatible hardware: Frontier Dakota (ADAT), SoundScape
    Mixtreme (DSP, TDIF), and Aardvark - all these cards have had their drivers out for some time.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Card Crap

    Thanks jbibbo, I\'ll take your advice on direct sound drivers. I was told that making sure GS and VST are not trying to share outputs was necessary. I\'m not sure weather I do this in the Darla application or VST or GS,. Could you help me out again on this one. Thanks..jmac

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    Re: Card Crap

    Yeah, no problem.

    The issue is that even though a driver is multiclient, the driver can not police who is is using what outputs - so it is basically up to the apps.

    So you, the user, need to make sure each app is only using certain outs - and they do not overlap. For example, if your hardware supports 8 outs, 4 stereo pairs, then if you have GS set to us 4 outs (say 0,1,2, and 3),
    you need to make sure your sequencer package (or any audio package for that matter) is only using the last four outs (4,5,6, and 7).
    This of course is only if you want to run both apps concurrently. If you just want to run one app or the other, then you are free to use any and all of the outs.

    I hope this helps. The answer is that you as the user must be careful to configure your audio apps to play nicely (ie share the outs). Of course, if you don\'t have a multiclient driver then your hosed and you will only be able to run one app at a time.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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