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Topic: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?

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    Re: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?

    Yamha showed interest in GigaSampler compatibility but we haven\'t heard much from them in a while. It will help greatly if anyone interested would contact Yamaha with requests. It requires a little help from Yamaha since they (and other hardware companies) never release native code which is the level we work at. And no, ASIO is not fast enough for what we are doing. It\'s cool for playback but not for realtime MIDI input.


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    Re: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?


    If a person was to pester Yamaha about such a driver, who, and at what email address would that person write? If there is more than one, so much the better.


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    Yamaha DSP drivers, When?

    Does anyone know if Yamaha DSP drivers are in the works?

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    Re: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?

    An expensive Idea

    The Yamaha SW1000 has now got GS support in Beta form (drivers on XGFACTORY.COM) The DSP Factory does not have GS support and is unlikely to have it for the near future anyway. The DSP factory driver would have to be written at the API level (allegedly) and would take longer to produce.

    KIA the big nose

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    Re: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?

    I also understand that the latency is pretty high on the SW1000 directsound drivers

    Laurence Kingston

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    Re: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?


    The latency is about 150ms or so right now on the SW1000. he drivers are in Beta however so I will chase Yamaha to find out the release date. Also they have a strange thing of not showing any other card in the PC. I will update thread as I get more info..


    ps However, even adding some reverb and chorus to the Piano make a huge difference.

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    Re: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?

    EMU APS latency is about 10ms and I also have built in hardware effects.

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    Re: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?


    Intersting that you mentioned the APS card as I was contemplating getting one but instead got an SW1000. The drivers from Yamaha will be refined for the SW1000. I spoke to one of their Guru\'s this week and he confirmed my findings.
    EMU originally targetted the SW1000 market for the APS but got its bottom smacked so severely that it threw its toys out of the pram and changed its attack to of all things, the humble ISIS card.

    I do want the driver fixed and feel confident that Yamaha will do the deed (as it were) As far as the DSP Factory goes, I have heard nothing and to be honest I am expecting nothing, simply because of the difficulties that writing drivers for an API controlled card expect.


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    Re: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?

    I have thought many times about buying an SW1000, but am holding off until Yamaha releases something a little better. I have an MU100R, but now now they\'ve released the MU128 (more sounds, twice the polyphony, and three card slots!). If they would release a card like the SW1000, but with maybe an extra card slot or two, and with the MU128 soundset and polyphony, I would buy it in a heartbeat. It\'s hard to imagine they don\'t have something like that in the works. In the mean time, my APS runs Gigasampler just fine, and my Yamaha DSP factory is killer for audio tracks.

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    Re: Yamaha DSP drivers, When?


    Shame you don\'t live in the UK, I would make the suggestion to listen to the new PLG-150 Anx, prophet 5 board that has just been released..

    I kid you not when I say that this will give any MU series owners a heart attack.. the sounds are quite simply stunning. especially compared to the existing sounds of the MU series and SW1000. Basse\'s are huge, pads are lifted straight from the eighties and the arpegiator is wonderful..

    Stick a PLG on a SW running GS and goodnight vienna.

    Their\'s life in the old dog yet..


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