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Topic: Problems whith Program-Numbers

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    Problems whith Program-Numbers

    Hi everybody,
    has anyone encountered this problem:
    I load 3 instrument files into the same Midi-Channel using the levels.
    Every file contains instruments with program-numbers, that are unique throughout all the instruments that are loaded.

    This does not work correctly: If you send the desired program-change message you get fairly unpredictable results. Some of the instruments are even not accessible at all.

    I simply want to split big files into smaller chunks thst are more handy and load more than 16 chunks. Is the above strategy wrong OR is there a bug and is there a workaround ?

    Any suggestions ?

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    Re: Problems whith Program-Numbers

    I am also discovering this little weakness in GS. Have you come to any solutions / workarounds?

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    Re: Problems whith Program-Numbers

    this is exactly the reason we used the keyboard dimension control for Advanced Orchestra. You simply can´t assign program numbers, and everything chenges when you load or disload instruments!

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    Re: Problems whith Program-Numbers

    I have found a workaround.

    You can well use program numbers if you keep their numbers unique throughout the whole performance.

    If you desire to load more than one instrument file into one MIDI-channel, do NOT use the levels. Instead mark the files in the Windows explorer and drag them altoghether onto the channel. This also works automatically when you save the performance.

    I have not found out what the levels are good for. Seems a buggy feature. All the program change functionality is fairly loosely implemented in GS. Bank switching still does not work in 1.6 - unacceptable, Nemesys!

    To Holger: I find, that key-triggering is a great feature, but not the way to replace program-changes. The problem is, that you use up your dimensions that should better be used for filter, envelope or other subsequent changes.

    Nemesys, please help with a quick solution concerning the program-change/bank-switch disaster!

    Thank to all.

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