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Topic: Maxi ISIS guillemot

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    Maxi ISIS guillemot

    Does anyboby known if this sound card work with GS???????
    And is it possible to use with CubaseVST

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    Re: Maxi ISIS guillemot

    Yes it does. It supports it through its DirectSound driver interface.

    However, since Guillimont did not do a GSIF driver, there is no way GS can take advantage of the multiple outputs.

    If you are looking to run GS and Cubase concurrently, you will either need a GSIF compatible card (w/ mulitple outs - see our web page), or two sound cards.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Maxi ISIS guillemot

    How did you managed to make it work via Direct Sound interface ?
    I got GS 1.5 and the updates of Isis drivers but GS can\'t start Midi Loop and says :
    \"Another device or application is using the audio hardware\" and that\'s not true I think.
    So ? How can I do ?


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