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Topic: Gina, Event drivers5.00, directx switching etc

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    Gina, Event drivers5.00, directx switching etc

    Erm, you know, I was wondering, has anyone figured out a way that you can get Gigasampler to ignore the Directx Echo driver so that there won\'t be a MFC42.DLL crash. But something you could do in real time, not having to enter the System Properties click the box and then reboot.

    I\'d like to be able to switch from Giga to Generator (it uses the Directx driver) without having to reboot my PC.

    You\'d think that Echo might have thought of this when they wrote the special 5.0 driver for Gigasampler.


    I know one thing, if you go into Control Panel, Multimedia, and in the devices tab, go to Gina and select \"Do not use audio on this device\" and also select \"do not map through this device\", you can actually run Directx drivers, and Gigasampler will work both at the same time.

    However, you won\'t have access to a)the Gina mixer and b)the MME drivers for things like Wavelab etc.

    Jeez! There must be a workaround.


    p.s. Is that really a picture of you on the Nemesys website Dave? You look just like someone I know. And not unlike the Scottish actor Angus McFadyen (from Braveheart, he he).

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    Re: Gina, Event drivers5.00, directx switching etc

    That\'s my picture allright! Jim took it through the window behind me in my office\\studio. Anyway, We don\'t know of any workarounds for toggling the direct x on and off. The only thing I can advise is a couple boot up configurations. One for GigaSampler and one for other things. When you reboot or first boot up, you get to choose the ones you want.
    Take care

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    Re: Gina, Event drivers5.00, directx switching etc

    I just boght GS-LE and am having trouble getting it to run the first time. I have Layla installed with the 5.01 driver. My computer\'s sound card is a non-MIDI capabile Crystal CS
    4236/37/38. I am installaing GS-LE with Layla on. The 1.5 CD loads all the files and instructs me to reboot. I cold re-boot and start
    GS. As it \"profiling hard drive(s)\" GS causes an invalid page fault and the install fails. I try again, it says to re-install GS. This I do to
    no avail. Help me get it installed so I can register, and upgrade to the 1.6 driver. Thanks!!!

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    Re: Gina, Event drivers5.00, directx switching etc


    Ok here is what you need to do.

    Call/email into NemeSys, give them your CD Key and register. Tell them your situation, and they will register you.

    Then get v1.60 - Make sure you disable the DirectSound Driver on the Layla card (see the warning on our web site).

    Don\'t waste your time with v1.50 - you will never be able to get it to work with the Layla. We added Layla support in v1.52. So your best bet is to get the upgrade.

    You don\'t need to get your copy up and running. Just let the registeration people know that you have an older version that will not work with your hardware, and you need the upgrade.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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