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Topic: SB Live...bass heavy?

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    SB Live...bass heavy?

    HI everyone...

    Is it just me, or does the SB Live seem a bit bottom end heavy when used with gigasampler? Gigapiano seems to distort and rumble away when played through the SB LIVE. I\'m assuming its not the gigapiano samples but the SB Live. Does anyone know of an easy way to fix this, and does the same bottom heavy effect result when using the digital i/o on the live?

    Maybe there is a reason SB Live spelt backwards is EVIL BS. Hmmm. Coincidence? :-)

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    Re: SB Live...bass heavy?

    Good question. I get the same on the Steinway B. On reading the specs of the card, however, I assumed that it had to be the sample.


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