I have GS3.12 on its own machine. This machine communicates with my main DAW through a WaveCener PCI that ctalks to a MOTU PCI324. I'm running Sonar 5 PE.
My problem is this. In some cases, I can't seem to scroll through a .gig file by loading it in my GS computer and then calling up the patches in Sonar 5. I can do this in other cases. When it fails, such as in the VSL example, the "Basic Instruments" patch that begins every .gig file will load into port 1 channel 1 but the patch name will not move when I scroll through patches in Sonar. In some cases, detaching "Basic Instruments" from port 1 channel 1 and reloading it from the loaded instrument pane of GS will cause the patches to scroll propperly. Or, in some cases, I will be able to play the patches but in Port 1 channel 2. Why is this behaving unreliably?
thanks in advance,