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Topic: Yamaha SW1000

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    Yamaha SW1000

    I would like to know if my sound card work with gigasampler.

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000

    I quess so, but first what type of soundcard do you have?

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000

    My sound card is sw1000xg (yamaha)

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000

    Yamaha are releasing Direct X drivers for the SW1000.

    They will appear on www.xgfactory.com this week some time + they work great.

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000


    Just following on from Nigel. I have tried the SW1000 drivers and it does work well. At the moment it only gives me one stereo output but I can add Reverb,Chorus,a variation effect and two insertion effects to that one stereo output. I need to check the latency though, it appeared to be a bit slow for me but I will update the thread later..


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    Re: Yamaha SW1000

    Where I can found DirectX driver for
    Yamaha sw1000xg?

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000

    I Have to try a new driver of www.xgfactory.com but I have always a same Pobleme.(error 6000 with GS 1.52)
    I don\'t know if is there a

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000

    Please point me to the place (URL if available) I can download XG-1000 DirectX driver. Maybe I\'m stupid but I can\'t find it at http://www.xgfactory.com

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    Re: Yamaha SW1000

    Please, I have now installed the beta direct driver for my SW1000XG, but I still couldn\'t get GS to route sound through. The yamaha soundcard doesn\'t appear on the configure menu. Would this have anything to do with that fact that my GS is only a LE version? Thanks.

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